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Vintage and Custom Jewellery London UK

Costume jewellery is a type of jewellery that is constructed out of materials that are comparatively lower in cost. These could be embedded with semiprecious stones or imitation gems that look exactly like original ones.

Silver Costume Jewellery

This type of jewellery has been around for around three centuries. The older ones that existed during the 1700s were made of glass stones or paste, and were duplicates of fine jewellery items. These were meant to be kept on display, for safety and various other reasons. You could also find them in cheap jewellery shop London. When the middle class started to grow by the mid 1800s, these began to be made in base, semi-precious and fine materials. Fine jewellery items composed of diamonds, gold and fine gems like sapphires and emeralds were still being made. In later years, jewellery items composed of rolled gold or a thin gold layer affixed to a base metal also came into existence. During this period, these were set with pearls, coral, amethyst and other semi-precious gems – which reduced their price tags by a great measure. All these were designed to last longer and be handed down generations. However, the modern Costume Jewellery or Imitation Jewellery as you know it came into existence during the 1930s. At that time, it was introduced as a disposable and cheap ornament designed to be paired with particular apparel. These were too cheaply made to be handed down generations. These ornaments were designed to be worn only for a short while. Customers were supposed to buy new costume jewellery in a new style for new seasons and for complementing new fashion. New styles came in, such as the dress clips of the 1930s, which went out of fashion during the 1950s. Until the 1940s, these were not made available to the people of America. However, in Europe, costume jewellery London made of rhinestones was rising in popularity. Gold was famous by World War II, but short in supply, which led to a rise in the popularity of costume jewelleries – other than the reduced purchase power of average women. The styles of costume contemporary jewellery London underwent a shift in the 1950s. The understated style of the Modern era of mid-century was influenced a lot by the Bauhaus movement – which blended practicality with form. This lent an artistic air to each design. There was also a resurgence of platinum as the preferred material for the construction of costume ornaments. A lot of weight dropped from these jewelleries, and more textures such as braided rope accents and engraved finishes were integrated. Cut to the new millennium, and you can find these in various materials and metals – such as base metal in silver colour, silver, white gold, platinum, rhinestones and more – at cheap jewellery shop UK as well as boutique jewellery London stores. These co-exist with semiprecious jewellery and fine jewellery.

Cheap Boutique and Costume Jewellery UK

Wearing Costume Jewellery –What are the Benefits?

For hundreds of years, this type of jewellery has been quite popular. Today, these are one of the commonest accessories to be found on the market. These are constructed out of superior materials and may persist for quite a few years with everyday usage. These types of low-cost pieces of jewellery are cost-effective ways to complement classic wardrobe pieces. These have many benefits.

Complementing the wardrobe

These accessories can add flair to your own wardrobe without the need to spend a lot on clothing pieces that you own already. Even the most plain-looking dresses in your closet can be spiced up. Brooches and pins of the same colour as your dresses and pants, and earrings and bangles of similar style, can make even your casual dresses come alive.

Ability to last long

Fashion jewellery London is made of superior metals such as sterling silver and stainless steel, which make these capable of lasting for many years. You can even find vintage pieces from your grandparents lasting to this day and beyond, and use them to match your traditional dresses and get a classic look.

 Come in varied styles

 This type of jewellery can be often found in chunky styles and bold colours, and you can easily wear these as colourful and bright additions to your closet. You can choose an eye catching piece that can easily brighten up dull and drab apparel. Those who like simple styles can wear a bracelet or crystal necklace made of small crystals. The ones in floating styles are famous,  and you can wear them easily with clothes or various styles. Bold vintage jewellery London is available for formal events, and can earn you compliments for being graceful.

Online Contemporary Jewellery Shop London

How to Preserve Your Costume Jewellery?

Costume jewelleryitems that are made of superior and slightly expensive materials are capable of lasting for a really long time. However, those made of simple materials can break easily or lose shine and colour or tarnish – leaving unpleasant traces on the skin at times. But some easy techniques can preserve this type of jewellery for as long as possible.

 Keep them clean and dry

 Exposure of your costume earrings, bracelet, ring or necklace to water, oil, perfume, lotion, chemical product or cream can tarnish them. Those made of metals such as bronze, brass or copper can get oxidized. You need to remove the ornaments before you apply perfume, cream etc.

Use safe cleaning solutions

You need to use a soft cloth to wipe them and clean any traces of sweat or product residues that can speed up oxidation. Avoid the use of cleaners containing ingredients such as ammonia, vinegar, alcohol or acid that can cause damage to them.

Wear them only occasionally

You should give a break to your cheap costume jewellery UK from time to time. Generally, you are not supposed to wear them each day. In case you wear the same jewellerypieces every day, you might see them losing colour fast.

Never sleep wearing your jewellery

It is never a good idea to sleep keeping your fashion jewellery items on, as that is a sure way to get them tarnished, damaged or even broken. These can also scratch, discolour or injure your skin.


Store them with care

The best way to avoid breakage, chipping, tarnishing, knotting etc would be to keep the costume jedwellery items in velvet or cotton pouches. You should hang them from hooks and not keep them in contact with your costly jewellery items.

How to Choose Vintage Costume Jewellery?

Vintage costume jewellery pieces can make your wardrobe come alive, by complementing your traditional outfits. If you love jewellery, you will love to have vintage pieces in your collection. Here are some easy tips to find the best of these items for accessorizing your wardrobe.

Inspect the condition

A close inspection is important to look at the vital details. Look out for clasps that do not properly work, scratched or chipped enamel, missing stones, missing parts, cloudy or darkened rhinestones, highly worn out plating, all of which can reduce the cost of vintage pieces. Even when you are buying online, look at the photos carefully. Never pay top money for pieces that appear to be in poor shape.

Check the quality

The signs of quality include sparkling stones, smooth plating, significant weight and more. High quality pieces of jewellery wear better over time and retain their worth. While buying high-end jewellery, you can look for those from brands such as Schreiner, Miriam Haskell, Schiaparelli, and Eisenberg. If you need budget brands, Kramer and Weiss are those you should go for.

Think about your personality

Think about the jewellery type that you feel most comfortable with. Your overall style, preference for colour, durability, size etc should have an impact on your purchases. For instance, denim jackets and shirts are complemented well by brooches with clear rhinestone.

Look for a special touch

You have to buy a piece of costume jewellery keeping in mind that a special touch can elevate it, and enhance your look even more. Whether it comes to materials used in the construction, design characteristics, era/age of the piece, manufacturer/designer, a special touch will be more appreciable.

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How to Know the Value of Your Costume Jewellery?

This type of jewellery is mainly constructed out of cheaper stones and base metals, which emphasize and imitate the appearance of standard jewellery items made of precious stones and metals. Find out how to know how much your costume jewellery are worth.

Get professional appraisal

The best way to know about the value is to get a professional appraiser with enough experience at inspecting and appraising costume as well as regular jewellery pieces. This will give you a better opportunity to detect the exact worth of your pieces. He can also assist you in finding a buyer or himself make an offer for your custom jewellery item.

Go to a regular jeweller

You can have the product appraised according to the manufacturer brand, make and year. However, in case you are unable to contact a costume jewellery expert, you can have the materials used on your custom jewellery London analyzed and assessed by a regular jeweller. This will assist you in getting a proper estimate for the same. Although some costume ornaments are constructed of materials of inferior quality, others have some precious stones, gold and silver used on them.

Check with online sellers

It is easy to check the actual market worth of your costume jewellery items by going online and checking auction websites such as eBay. On these platforms, buyers from across the globe place bids on jewellery until a fair market price is attained. Although the final sale price might not match the market worth always, it is possible to make some money from your jewellery. You can also check with costume jewellery UK online websites of Illusion Jewels and Collectors Weekly where a full database of pieces and prices is kept.


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